Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TP Roll Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

TP Roll Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
This is the first craft I've done using TP rolls. This is also the first craft I've done in a while that I'm not very pleased with. But, this is the best part about using trash for a medium--I can just throw these away and not feel bad about wasting money or materials! They look pretty cute in the photo, but up close my lettering isn't even and the blobs of paint are too close together. Nevertheless, I hope someone will try this and do a much neater job!

Time: 30 minutes plus drying time

1. Puffy Paint (any color since you will cover it up)
2. Recycled TP rolls
3. Scissors
4. Tape
5. Spray paint ( I used two different contrasting colors)


1. Cut the rolls in half and cross wise

2. Use puffy paint to make "dot" letters (I put my dots much too close together)
I spelled out the word THANKS, but you could do initials, monograms, or just dots.

3. Let dry and then spray paint

4. Let dry and tape the ends up if your napkins are small

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