Sunday, November 28, 2010

Upcycled bottles, CHEERS!

Time: 1 hour

1. Glass bottles (Dr. Enough bottles would work well...why doesn't Dr. Enough taste the same in plastic bottles???)
2. White spray paint
3. Random stickers
4. Plastic bag
5. Letters
6. Cuttings from trees


1. Stick letters to bottles and cover with strips of plastic bags. Be sure to get the bags fairly even.

2. Cover in stickers (I used left-over yardsale stickers). You only need to cover the front of the bottle.
3. Spray paint your first coat. Let dry completely then do the second coat. You only need to spray one side as to let the green class show through on the backside.

4. Peel off stickers and plastic then fill with cuttings, wahla!


  1. That would be a great New Year's Eve decoration.

  2. Thanks, yes they would! Great idea, I could take out the clippings and put in some glittery fuzzy sticks!