Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alaska T-Shirt Apron: So"Cool"

Before leaving the most beautiful  place on earth, my cousin's husband (cousin in-law?) gave me a cool parting gift, this Alaska Budweiser T-shirt (BTW: Did you know that Alaska has one of the highest alcoholism rates in the nation?). However, it was an XXL, so it didn't quite fit me. Therefore, on a  snowed-in day back in East Tennessee, I made it into an awesome apron.

Time: 2 hours

XL T-shirt
Contrasting fabric

1. Cut the T-shirt apart until you are left with only a front panel

2. Fold and pin the top part only
3. Sew ribbon to the top
4. Cut off hem of the other side of the shirt you didn't use and sew it on the top making a halter
5. Pin and Sew contrasting fabric to make the belt
6. Using the sleeves, sew pockets onto the skirt of the apron then you are finished!


  1. We have high rates for LOTS of things. Several of them not good. We also consume more ice cream and coffee then the rest of the nation.

  2. I like the apron. I'm glad you found a use for the T-shirt.

  3. If I lived in Alaska, I would contribute to the ice cream consumption for sure! haha You double the coffee on your own :)

  4. CUTE! I love it thanks for posting this.