Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recycling Iphones for Cash

My husband is hard on iphones. At Verizon, they now have a program where you can trade in old phones for a new one. However, his were (yes, TWO broken iphones) in such bad shape, that they would not take them. So, I did a little online research, and chose as a recycling option. I typed in my info, and they sent me a neat little box to put the cellphones in and ship out. All of this was free. Plus, they ended up paying $20.00 for cellphones that no one else would take. I thought that was pretty good. Not only is it a way to get rid of junk, but I made a little money! I was very happy with this service! They sent me link for friend referral, so here it is: Link 

Check it out!

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