Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homemade Halloween

California Raisin Girl and her Bunch of Grapes
Not only was this costume cheap and fun, but we won 2nd place and a doggie gift basket at the local Howl-O-Ween fund raiser for the humane society!

Time: 10 min
Red bonnet (I ordered mine off ebay for $10)
Red skirt from the Goodwill
Purple XL shirt from the Goodwill
Unused basket
Old vines or leaves from a recycled wreath
Recycled plastic Christmas Ornaments
Rubber bands
an old dog collar
1. Gather some different sized plastic ornaments (or any other balls)
I decided to make a cherry costume for the demonstration 
2. Place one ball at a time under top half of shirt and secure with a rubber band
3. Add vines/leaves to collar ( I just put mine on with rubber bands)
4. Embarrass your good sport of a dog :)
This cherry one would be super sweet on a small dog 
Why does Hank still love me so much?? 

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