Monday, May 20, 2013

1971 Aristocrat Camper Remodel Before and After

The Jones has come a long way since November. Here is the progress I've made on him in five months.


Despite the condition of this 1971 Aristocrat, you can tell I how ecstatic I was to get it for $450. lol 


 Painted over that awful, 70's blue 

 Spray painted all of the hardware shiny silver 

 Put to use some wedding decor ironed on decals to thrift store pillows

Sewed lazy-(wo)man slipcovers using $5 Wal-Mart Sheets 

Spray Painted the outside white and hunter green 

Left to do: 
1. Install an air conditioner
2. Sew an awning 
3. Paint an outdoor rug 


  1. I love your camper and what you did with it. Awesome. We camp at Hot Springs, NC but are retired and rent the cabins. Awesome place for sure.