Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thrift Store Find Turns New Vanity

 Oh Hello $10 real wood thrift store desk(????). table (?????) thingy (????). Any hoo, I love you now.

Before you buy a new vanity for a bathroom remodel, rethink old furniture! There are tons of tutorials online which I used to make this. I got my sink from ebay for $60. The faucet was a ridiculous price that I don't even what to admit to paying, but we hadn't had any running water for weeks, and I was desperate, so I picked this up at Lowes for somewhere around the tune of $150. Those who have time to shop around could easily build this entire vanity for $150. Less than Craigslist yall! Be creative :) Plus, it's the focal point of the bathroom, and everyone always brags on it, and  then I get all bubbly inside.

P.S. Baskets are all from thrift stores as well! The round one is my all time favorite basket for $3.00. Whoop!

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