Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Save-the-Dates

Since we are both teachers, I decided to go with a cutesy "school house" theme for our save-the-dates. My very honest friend, Jeremy, said when he got his (on Valentine's Day none the less) , he "threw up a little, but then smiled and was happy" haha  :)

To make this scene, I used  a heart shaped cookie cutter to punch out hearts from each apple. Then, I set up a handmade chalkboard behind it and wrote our wedding date. I used the books that we used in our engagement  pictures  to add height, and then I put all the pictures together with the collage option on Picasa.

Instead of mailing these photos out as postcards, we were brave and decided to send them out via email. I simply posted this picture in the email and added our wedding website underneath the photo. We got some really good feedback from it! Most of my friends admitted that they don't visit wedding websites that they have to type in, but they seemed to really like the convenience of just clicking ours!

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