Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cute Coasters

 Time: 30 minutes

Ugly coasters
Upcycled chidren's book
Mod Podge

Follow steps here at Rycyled Sewing. This is where I got this cutastic idea!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twilight: Valentine For My Vampire

Laugh if you will, but I get as giddy as 13-year-old cheerleader when the release date for the next Twilight movie is announced (November 18, 2011). Though I love the storyline, the real reason for my adoration of the series is that I have witnessed my students go from despising books to devouring them. It excites me see my students making reading hip again, and the Twilight series played a big role in that. Therefore, this little Valentine's Day craft holds a special place in my vampire loving heart.

Time: 1 hour (plus drying time)

An upcycled book (preferably unreadable anymore)
Scrap fishnet
Mod Podge
All purpose glue
Perfume sample page from a magazine


1. Choose book. As a disclaimer to all who would cringe at me tearing up a perfectly good book for this, I must tell you why this book is unusable for reading purposes. As the naive person I am, I joined one of those online "Book Clubs" to get free books for my classroom (you know, buy 1 get 5 free), and this is what came in the mail for me. As you can see, it is half the size of a "normal" Twilight book, but the font is the same. Long story short, my students were turned off by the look of the books and would not read them for fear that parts were left out (which I'm almost certain they were). So, do not fret, this book was unreadable.
2. Rip pages from the book
3. Mod Podge the backs of pages and smooth onto cardboard

4. Once you get the pages how you want them, cover in Mod Podge and let dry

5. Glue on decorations (pictures, hearts, fangs etc,) then wrap in ribbon or fishnet
6. Tear out a perfume sample page from a magazine (I thought this one would be vampire sexy)
7. Cut to size and insert card stock
8. Mod Podge some white paper over the inside of  the "book" and write a message
Cute right?

And it smells good!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Owl Art

Can I get a hoot, hoot!?
I hate to hoot my own horn, but this is "owlfully" cool if I do say so myself :)

Time: 2 hours
Canvas or poster board
Paint of your choice
recycled fabric and scraps (mine are old fabric swatches from a curtain order book)
puffy paint
Mod Podge
Fabric Marker

1. Prepare your canvas. My mother actually picked this one up at a yard sale (painted as shown) for $1.00! It would be very simple to make this yourself though using coffee cans to trace the circles.
2. Trace a "leaf like" pattern onto the back of your fabric. You will also need a triangle pattern and circle pattern.

3. Use the pattern to replicate on different fabrics until you have enough to cover your canvas

4. Now for the fun part, move the fabric trying new patterns until you are happy with the look.
5. Mod Podge the back of the cutouts and press directly onto canvas
6. Once completely dry (I let mine dry over night), use puffy paint to make little eye expressions on the owls

7. Let dry then hang up!
I had all intentions of using this to add some visual stimulation to my classroom, but it's so cute that I don't know if I can part with it now! If I do take it to school though, I plan to hang it from a tree branch using ribbon and hooks.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweetheart Sweater Wreath

Looks like someone is getting in the Valentine's day mood a little early *hearts* :)
I really like how this little craft turned out because not only did I get to use up an old sweater, but I also got to try out my new pom-pom making skills!

Time: 1 hour

An old sweater (red or pink)
Scraps of white fabric
Wire clothes hanger
Craft wire


1. Cut sleeves off of sweater and save them for another project (that to come later)

2. Cut other parts of the sweater into little squares and stack up in squares of 3
3. Cut white fabric into larger squares

 4. Slide fabric through end of wire to form this:
It's best to start in the middle and work your way up both ends
5. Gather in the middle and secure with craft wire
6. Puncture sweater pieces through clothes hanger on both sides of "flower"
7. Repeat pattern until you get to the end. Then, secure clothes hanger with craft wire.
8. Lastly, make two adorable pom-poms. I learned how to do this at Sweetie Pie Bakery. Follow link for simple instructions.

I used yarn for my hanger, but ribbon my look nicer

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Colts Scarf

While searching for some fabric, I came a across my new love--the fleece scrap pile at Hancock fabrics; I got a load of fleece for about five bucks. I'm not a Colts fan (though I do love Peyton), but my friend Emily is. I knew she would love this. However, one should not put off making gifts because the Colts lost in the playoffs last night. I guess this will be her condolence gift ;)

Time: 30 minutes

1. Rotary cutter (my new fav tool)
2. Self-healing mat
3. felt
4. ribbon
5. scissors


1. Cut the scarf desired length and width  (if you have never used a rotary tool, you will be AMAZED)
2. Cut ribbon to fit the ends

3. Sew on the ribbon

4. Cut the ends

Hope you like it Em!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Upcycled Candles

Well, I've been snowed in all day, so I thought these warm and cheery candles would be a perfect little project to do in between my scarf making (those pics to come later). I hate throwing away used-up candle holders see: Fire Place Candle, so I try to do different things with them.

Time: 10 minutes (plus drying time)
finished candles
used matches
battery powered tea lights
Used tea light (to use as place holder)
snow paint


1. Let the last bit of wax melt

2. Put in the used tea light as a place holder then quickly place matches in front to it to resemble a campfire.
3. Let the wax harden then replace the used tea light with the battery powered one being careful not to disturb the matches

For the snow one also pictured, I just sprayed it with snow paint (1/2 off after Christmas!) and used ModPodge and glitter on the top.
They are quite cozy if I do say so myself :)