Friday, November 4, 2011

Whichcrafters: Feather Hair Pieces

No, these aren't homemade fishing lures, but they will indeed attract some attention! These feathery beauties are 15 or so hair pieces that were made at last night's craft club!
As you can see, we each put our own personalities into them, but here are the basic steps to create your own. If you need some more inspiration, check out this fashion article from Redbook.

10 minutes each (you will make more than one, trust us.)

Hot-glue gun
Quilting clip (aka hair clip or bobby pin)
Something decorative (pieces off of broken jewelry (Ashlyn's idea), buttons (Pinterest's idea), or pearls (April's idea)

1. Cut a tiny piece of felt and hot-glue it to a hair clip (if you are using a bobby pin, skip this step)
2. Once dry, glue feathers on top of the felt
3. Once dry, glue something decorative on top of the feathers
4. If you are using bobby pins, cut two tiny slots in another piece of felt and slide bobby pin through

*Keep in mind to glue the feathers in the direction you want to insert your hair clip*
We had such a fun time making these, and we all wore ours to work today! :)
Check out our craft club page at: Whichcrafters 


  1. Just love this tutorial - especially the part where old or broken jewelry are used!

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