Thursday, December 20, 2012

Old Shutter Christmas Card Holder

I made this shutter card holder for our wedding, and I loved it so much that I kept it to use as a Christmas card holder as well.
It looks really cute sitting in our kitchen on a couple of picnic baskets also left over from our wedding :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Vintage Camper

I'm so tickled to have finally found an old camper to call my own :) :) :) I've been on the lookout for a vintage (such a better connotation than 'old' haha) camper for months and months, and my patience has paid off. He may not look like much now, but I have some big plans for "The Jones." I let my husband name him since he so very sweetly drove an hour to haul home a cute piece of "junk" that he can't even stand up in all the way because it's so short and he's 6'1. He chose to name it "The Jones" after George Jones because our little camper is old, beat all to hell, and can hold quite a few cold ones. hehe

This is a 1971  Aristocrat. It makes me smile to think about all of the joy it's given previous owners in the past 41 years. I have a lot of plans on how to fix it up, and I will share all of the before and after photos as I finish. My goal is to have it ready by our spring break (March!) so my honey and I can take off somewhere wonderful  :)

Here is a mood board of what I have in mind for the inside:
If you are wondering how to begin the hunting process for a camper of your own, here is what I did.

1. Set a budget. I knew I didn't want to put more than $600 into a camper. Sure the new ones are nice, but for me, the pleasure I will get from fixing this one up is worth loads more. Plus I'm cheap.
2. Check Craigslist and your local newspaper....everyday 
3. My husband will attest that I became obsessed. I checked listings every morning and night for about 5 months. But, this served two purposes....1. I would catch the good listings 2. Aaron knew this wasn't a "phase" I was in. He realized how much I really wanted one, so he gave in ;)
4. Search for the words "Vintage" "Older Camper" "Hunting Camper" "Aristocrat" "Scotty" "Shasta" "Airstream" as these will show up out of your regular local search.
5. Over the coarse of 5 months, I probably found about 15 campers that I thought fit what I was looking for. Out of those, only about 5 owners emailed or called me back. Out of those, we looked at 2. So, I guess this step is to be patient.
6. Take someone with you that will be the voice of reason. I wanted the very first one I saw. However, Aaron pointed out that the floor and ceiling were....umm....rotting out. He knew that would be too much for me to fix, so finally I agreed.
7. Always bring cash and talk them down. The man had this camper listed for $1000. I told him via email my budget ($500-600), and then Aaron was able to talk him down to $450 once we got there because we had cash to pay. Whoop!

Aaron laughed at our hoopty trailer all the way home, but haters gonna hate. lol He won't be laughing when he wakes up to biscuits in the tiny oven, a river rolling in the background and coffee by the fire this spring :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Upcycled Sleeping Mat into a Headboard

Our king size bed really needed a headboard, and I had full intentions of making one since May, but the   hassle of measuring and getting the wood cut at Lowes turned my intentions into procrastination. However, just so happens that my sleeping prima donna (husband) , decided to throw out my little one-man camping mat since his highness needed a fancy air mattress for camping ;)  Never fear though,  I snatched it back and made this handsome headboard out of it. :)

Time: 15 minutes (I know, crazy fast project)

Old sleeping mat
Push pins
Hot Glue gun


1. Cut mat to size if need be

2. Cover front of mat with fabric and hold in place with push pins (if you use decorative ones, you can leave them in)

3. Flip over, pull fabric tight, and hot glue to back
4. Nail to wall
This is the before picture above, and...

This is the after. I like how it anchors the room with the black.

Also, I finally framed my $5.00 prints as you can see in the picture. I am ON it this week!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Kisses

This is a simple little way to spread some fall kissy poohs :) Just add some googly eyes, and use puffy paint for lips and eyebrows.

We love fall! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

$20 Living Room Update

This October marked the 3rd year that I've been in my house, and I was in the mood for a little update.

Here is the before picture:
(We really aren't this messy. I had already begun moving some things before I remembered to take the picture) As you can see, I had a tiny little rug under our trunk/coffee table. I found a much larger rug at Big-Lots for $19, and I think it pulled the living room together so much better!
Then, I finally did something with a $1 yard-sale canvas I had. The canvas originally had brown circles painted on it, but I gave it a white coat, and then I got to work using the same colors found in my new rug.

It took me about an hour to free-hand it, and I REALLY love how it turned out. It also blends well with the tree painting I did when I first moved in. Both of these DIY paintings were fairly easy to do, but I think that anyone, regardless of artistic talent, could do the abstract one. All you need is 3-4 colors of paint and to be able to draw a leaf-like oval. After getting the ovals, simply rotate the ones your fill in all the way, or leave as outlined.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Scarf Holder

I used a behind-the-door towel rack and curtain clips to create a much needed storage solution for my scarves.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers

When we started planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted to do our own flowers because we are crazy we both love arranging flowers. Neither of us has any training or anything, we just love to arrange fresh flowers for our kitchen table. If you like natural styles, arranging is so simple and fun :) However, simply finding the flowers was a huge deal. There aren't any whole-sale flower companies in our area, and going through a florist was pretty expensive even though we would be the ones arranging. So, we took a huge chance and ordered our flowers online. We used FiftyFlowers and could not have been more pleased.

I was pretty clueless as to how to go about having the flowers delivered, but they walked me through each step. I'm not going to lie though--it was extremely nerve-wracking because nightmares of wilted/black/too small/every other worry imaginable keeps running through your head the days leading up to their arrival (2 days before event). Istalked the diverly guy via UPS tracker every 10 minutes, and then I ran out to greet him once he came. :)

This is what they looked like when they arrived. Literally our entire kitchen was covered with gorgeous flowers. Day 1 was spent letting them refresh in buckets of water (4 hours) and then cutting them down to size and pulling away outside petals. Day 2 was spent arranging the flowers for the reception. The BIG day was spent making corsages and my bouquet. Aaron made all the men's boutonnieres including his own. He did a wonderful job :)
Loose petals to toss

Single roses in a jar with baby's breath

Upcycled Seed Saver

Easy little idea if you are saving seeds. Just use your empty vitamin containers and label your seeds. I've been saving seeds for about 3 years now. I simply dry them out on a paper towel and put them into a baggie, but I figured this may be a little more air-tight, and I can reuse them each year.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cheap Posters/Prints

These two gigantic photo prints cost me a whopping $3.00 each. If you take your photos to Staples on a jumpdrive, they can print you engineering prints. I found this tip through Pinterest here: Link The creative lady who had the tip used wood to carve out a frame for her huge photo, but I'm unsure of what I will use yet. They turned out really well especially given the price!

I also had a poster made for my classroom. I took a picture from our honeymoon and used Picasa to add words.

This is a really bad picture of the poster, but it will look great in my room!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Wedding Shadowbox

My friend Emily got married in September and her mother surprised her with a gorgeous wedding shadowbox for Christmas which was  done by a professional. When I saw it, I fell madly in love with it, but knew that it was out of my price range. Even though it was worth the money ( the woman who made it meticulously hand painted each and every petal of Emily's bouquet then put it all back together), we were completely broke after our wedding, so I decided to try and make my own version. I'm thrilled with the outcome and the price ($36.00).

Time: 1 hour


Shadowbox (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40 % off coupon)
Dried bouquet and boutineer
Other wedding tokens

1. When you get home from your wedding, (or have someone do this step for you) hang your flowers upside down in a dark room or closet. In hindsight, it may have been better to take it apart and hang each flower individually (but taking an hour to do this might not go over too well with your new husband...;)

2. After you get back from your honeymoon and the flowers are completely dried out, you will need to deconstruct the bouquet. You will need to do this because your bouquet is probably too fat to fit in the shadowbox.

3. Put the bouquet back together by stacking the roses. What I mean by this is, don't make your bouquet round---make it flat on the back and stacked in the front (opposite of the "Baby Got Back" song...ha) You may think the flowers will be too delicate to do this, but mine were very sturdy, and this worked perfectly.

4. Pin the bouquet to the board. Then, as you can see from the picture above, you will need to remove any unsightly petals (this is where the professional earns her pay because all the petals would be painted the exact color of your original flowers if this were done by a professional).

5. Pin or tape the rest of your items on the board. Replace frame and you are finished!

I wanted to use our original vows, so as you see, my husband did some editing to his as he went along haha. I like to think this adds charm :)

I love the rustic look that my flowers took on ; they match perfectly since we had such a lovely rustic wedding

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Western Shirt turns Summer Sundress

This thrift store western shirt has turned into one of my favorite sundresses! It was super easy to make too!

Time: 30 minutes or so depending on sewing skills

A man's shirt (this one was a 2X) It's pretty short on me, so watch the length as well.
Sewing supplies
A dress to go by

1. Find a dress that fits well

2. Lay the fitted dress over the big shirt and, using a fabric marker, draw the outline of your fitted dress. Be sure to give yourself about an inch for the seam

3. Cut through the front and back of shirt along the lines of the outline.

4. Turn the shirt inside-out and sew back together

5. Do something with the sleeves. I decided to quarter mine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Married Umbrella

Ok, this project isn't upcycled, but it was the best 19.75 I've spent for something new in a long while  :)

We are back from our honeymoon (lots of wedding posts and pictures to AMAZING day), and this umbrella is still being used simply because it makes me giddy every time I use it. First of all, we just happened to be visiting Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC the same time Beryl  decided to drop in. We were surprisingly blessed with mostly clear weather clear in fact, that we almost didn't get to use our Just Married umbrella that I made and adore! Beryl did give a us one evening of showers however, so Aaron was a great sport and a perfect gentleman and carried our umbrella for us. We had a ball with it! Everyone on the streets would get a big smile on his or her face when they passed us, and a lot of people wanted to take pictures for us and give us their congratulations  :)

1 Clear Bubble Umbrella (I got mine from Amazon)
White duct tape

Cut tape in blocks then cut in half length wise
Form letters on umbrella

I thought that the duct tape wouldn't stay very long on the umbrella, but even after multiple uses, it's still holding strong. I debated whether paint would work better since it took a while to form the letters, but I'm glad that I went with the tape since I can take it off (if I ever have the heart to) and use the umbrella for regular use.

 I got this idea from this picture on Pinterest

Monday, April 30, 2012

Flower Favors

This idea sprang from my garden marker idea. I thought it would be cute and inexpensive to make seed flags as our wedding favors.

Time: 30 minutes for 30 flags


Seed packets
Hot glue

1. Make sure all seeds have fallen to the top of the packet
2. Fold the bottom of the packet and spread hot glue down the fold
3. Put the skewer in glue, and then you are finished :)
They could also be used as "Cheering" flags and seed tosses