Sunday, July 28, 2013

Devil's Fork State Park ,SC

Aaron and I have somehow worked most of our summer break away on house updates, so to keep from starting a new project, we went camping! Aaron wanted to visit Greenville, SC, so we chose a campground that we thought was close. Turns out that 36 miles on back-roads equals FOREVER. So, that plan didn't really turn out as I had pictured, but Devil's Fork State Park was gorgeous.

Clearwater lake view from the campground
We rented a canoe from an on-site rental company. This was my absolute favorite part of the trip. I have never ridden in a canoe and neither has Hank, but we both loved it. We only turned Aaron over once :P

Breakfast and view from our campsite (the lake is behind the trees).

Whitewater Falls was about a 30 min drive from our campground ; it was well worth it!

Sadly, it was our last trip in The Jones :( We loved the camper, but hated the door ( it was extremely hard to open and close due to an off-center frame). We tried to fix it/live with it, but in the end, we decided to sell it so that I can find a new one to fix up (with a sound frame and door). I'm very sad our first camper is gone, but I'm happy that we doubled our money on it!

The search for a new vintage camper has resumed....