Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Wedding Flowers

When we started planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted to do our own flowers because we are crazy we both love arranging flowers. Neither of us has any training or anything, we just love to arrange fresh flowers for our kitchen table. If you like natural styles, arranging is so simple and fun :) However, simply finding the flowers was a huge deal. There aren't any whole-sale flower companies in our area, and going through a florist was pretty expensive even though we would be the ones arranging. So, we took a huge chance and ordered our flowers online. We used FiftyFlowers and could not have been more pleased.

I was pretty clueless as to how to go about having the flowers delivered, but they walked me through each step. I'm not going to lie though--it was extremely nerve-wracking because nightmares of wilted/black/too small/every other worry imaginable keeps running through your head the days leading up to their arrival (2 days before event). Istalked the diverly guy via UPS tracker every 10 minutes, and then I ran out to greet him once he came. :)

This is what they looked like when they arrived. Literally our entire kitchen was covered with gorgeous flowers. Day 1 was spent letting them refresh in buckets of water (4 hours) and then cutting them down to size and pulling away outside petals. Day 2 was spent arranging the flowers for the reception. The BIG day was spent making corsages and my bouquet. Aaron made all the men's boutonnieres including his own. He did a wonderful job :)
Loose petals to toss

Single roses in a jar with baby's breath

Upcycled Seed Saver

Easy little idea if you are saving seeds. Just use your empty vitamin containers and label your seeds. I've been saving seeds for about 3 years now. I simply dry them out on a paper towel and put them into a baggie, but I figured this may be a little more air-tight, and I can reuse them each year.