Our Vintage Camper

1. Mood Board  for our 1971 Aristocrat
2. Progress and DIY Counter Top
3. Counter Tops Finished 

Costs so far:
1. $450 for camper
2. $20 for counter tops
3. $50 for spray paint job
4. $150 for new tires

Places "The Jones" has been :

Skidaway Island State Park Savannah, GA 

1. Maiden Voyage  to Savannah, GA

2. Hot Springs, NC 

3. Devil's Fork, SC 

1 comment:

  1. I so love your little vintage camper !!!! We did the popups for several years. Saved, saved, saved for a motorhome. It had all the bells and whistles, 2 expandos, the whole works. Took 1 trip to Arizona from Michigan. I got cancer and have been very sick since 2002. Kidney disease, colon
    cancer, 85% of stomach removed, heart attack and died, they brought me back. I'm blessed!!! However, I wish we would have been like you and gone the vintage route. We sold our motorhome 2 years later, due to the fact I was unable to access it. Enjoy your camper and know those big rigs you see going down the road are nice but not for everyone.... Thanks for letting me share. Enjoy while you can.I'm 70 this week and would love something like yours if able to access.