Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am a hard core bargain hunter, but sometimes, you get what you pay for. Take for instance this ping-pong table that I purchased at a yardsale for $10.00 (balls and all).
You can't really tell it's a ping-pong table from the picture because I've already used it as a spray painting station, but let me tell you, this table has been a pain since day one. First off, it is way to massive to fit in my basement. Secondly, when I set it up the first time, it was warped. Thirdly, my wonderful stepfather caused much pain to himself hauling it home for me, and I couldn't ask him to haul it to the dump. So......I've been trying to think of a good way to put it to use! Then, the idea for game boards was born!

Time: 2 hours

1. White, red, blue, yellow, and green left-over paint
2. half of a ping-pong table (legs taken off)
3. Used paint cans
4. Recycled political sign
5. Thumb tack
6. Screw with circle on the end (I'm not sure what these are called)
7. Mod Podge


1. Paint entire board white
2. Line up 4 paint cans across the board
3. Line up 6 paint cans down the board
4. Trace circles around each can then move until you have 24 circles (some people can't "eye" things, but I'm pretty good at it. If you want it to be perfect, measure the inches from each circle)
5. Paint in circles. Let dry, then do a second coat.
6. While drying, paint a recycled political sign white (mine was Steve Burns for sheriff, which he won!)
7. Trace and cut out 4 circles of each color (Blue, green, red, and yellow)

8. Draw or trace hand and feet symbols (small children's prints would be soooo cute on this!) and label "Right" and "Left"
9. Glue down circles
10. Mod Podge over entire board then let dry

11. Poke a thumb tack through the end of a screwy-hook-circle-thingy (lose enough to spin it)
12. Make your friends play this at your Christmas party :) (pictures to come)


  1. wow!! I loved it my kids.. Harold, Jenn and Bobby loved it they said it looked like the real game! thanks copycatcrafts.com!

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