Monday, February 25, 2013

Another Christmas Ornament

Well, with over a million repins, I've become a Pinterest sensation with last year's Christmas ornament, so I thought I would post another one to keep my fans happy ha :)

After our wedding, I dried my bouquet and used it to make a  shadowbox. I had a few petals leftover, so I had the idea to use them in a Christmas ornament.

 All I did was cut out a picture of our wedding flowers, roll it up, and insert it into the ornament opening. Then, I used tweezers to straighten it out. Lastly, I put in a few dried rose petals from my bouquet.

Ahhhh, memories.......

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Egg Carton Seed Starters Year 3

This makes the 3rd year that I've used this method of starting seeds, and each year I've gotten great seedlings!
Here is how to make the mini-greenhouses : Link 

This year I had a new helper :)

I've used this method as well: Link 

Both methods have their benefits. When you use the egg carton method, you create a mini greenhouse that you don't have to water as often while the plants are tiny enough to keep the lids closed. However, you have to disrupt the roots when you plant them. Using the newspaper method, you have to water more often, but you can plant the newspaper and all into the ground. Last year we used both methods, and we saw NO difference in the plants once they matured and produced. We will probably use both methods again this year too because we are out of cartons and have tons more vegetables dancing in our heads :)

Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Counter Tops...Finished

The camper's counter tops are now finished! See the first steps in this post. I really love how they turned out! However, if I were to use this method in my house (which I very well may do), I would make the first coat of color a solid and even color. I was going for a rustic/stone/granite look, and this is exactly what it turned out like. As you can see, the black paint under the stone paint is a little uneven, but I think that achieved the look I set out to obtain.
Remember is what they looked like before:
And here is after:
After all of the camper updates are complete, hopefully I will be able to get some better pictures for you :)