My Big Fat DIY Wedding

We are getting married! You have probably noticed some extra crafts on my blog lately by certain handsome and handy crafter. :) This page is dedicated to the things we are making for our outdoor May wedding and barn dance reception. Since we are both teachers, we don't have a lot of money to spend, nor would it be in our values to spend extravagantly even if we did, so we are using our creativity to make our wedding super special on small budget. 

Engagement Session:

I am a amateur photographer, so I had some really cute photo ideas in mind before our engagement session. I headed to the thrift store to find the needed items which are pictured here:

This suitcase was $1.00, and Aaron used plain craft paint to paint "I will go where you go..." on it. Some other wording ideas were "We go together," and "I traveled the path that led to you." I'm sure there are tons more that would work. We actually took this photo ourselves by setting up my tripod in the park behind my house. 

This is a collage is from our real engagement session (photos by Amber Nixon at Red Rose Photography). In this photo are some old books that I used as props. Since the covers were already black, all I had to do was write my message using a Sharpie. I really liked how they turned out. :)

Crafts for Wedding: