Thursday, October 21, 2010

Upcycled leaves

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Time: 30 Minutes

*vibrant, fallen leaves
* thin crafting wire
*reused mason jar (or other vase) 

Step by step instructions:

Gather leaves while they are damp (this makes them more flexible) 

This has been the most fun fall craft I've done so far! It's one of those crafts that has a "wow" factor with little effort. The website above gives picture step by step instructions, but after the first rose, I didn't need to even look at them again. 


  1. I can't tell if what I love most about this blog is finally getting to peer behind the curtain and see how you create all this amazing stuff, or knowing that you read craft blogs written with the Cyrillic alphabet. You are incredible!

  2. Pictures break the cross cultural divide :)