Monday, November 15, 2010

Camp Fire Candle

I love candles, but have always just tossed the blackened jars out after their smell good is gone. This was until I came across my new spray paint love--stone facade spray paint! Now, I can make enough camp fire candles to warm all of my family's hearts. :)

Time: 30 minutes plus drying time

1. Burnt out candle
2. used matches
3. Battery powered tea light (2 for $1 at Dollar Store)
4. Stone facade spray paint (Lowes or Wal-Mart)
5. Craft paint
6. Sticker (optional)

1. While wax is still hot from the candle's last go, carefully pace in used matches. Then, let set ( this will take a few hours)
2. Tape desired "fire place" glass and then spray paint the rest. Let dry overnight.
3. Paint on "mantle"

4. Drop tea light in upside down and decorate with stickers. You could also place tiny portraits of family members on the "mantel." That is what I'm going to do as soon as I use up another one!

Though I thought of this idea on my own, here are some other ideas for reusing your old candle jars.

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