Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bad Sweater Wreath :)

Lauren's "Ugly Sweaters Couldn't be Better" party 12/10/2010
Have you been to your annual Bad Sweater Party yet? If so, you can turn that bad sweater into a good wreath for your door :)

I found this idea here: Green Eyed Monster 

Time: 1 hour

1.Wire hanger
2.Ugly Sweater
3. Scissors
4. craft wire


 1. cut out neck and sleeves of sweater
2. Cut into long strips then into squares
 3. Thread through wire while ever so often making a "spacer" out of the rim of the sweater.

 4. Once you get to the end, wire the ends together and cover with remaining scraps of sweater
Then, as an added bonus, you can wear the sleeve to your next Christmas party ;)

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