Monday, May 20, 2013

Camping versus Hotel

On our maiden voyage to Skidaway State Park, I decided to do a cost comparison of camping versus staying in a hotel. Here are the totals:

$80 ($27 per night x 3)
Around $500 for 3 nights (this price is based on the average hotel cost close to downtown Savannah, GA)
$130 (had to take the truck)
$80 (based on my small car’s gas millage)
$125 (based on only eating out once a day plus the grocery bill for breakfast & lunch food)
$150 (based on eating out 2 times a day since most hotels offer free breakfast)
Dog Care
$30 boarding fee

Saved $425

We almost saved the price of the camper ($450)! Obviously by saving money you lose luxuries like private showers and such, but sometimes it does the heart well to rough it a little :) 

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